Spring on the farm

On the rare warm, breezy days that this time of year has to offer, it makes us yearn for spring on the farm.  We tend to get overwhelmed with mud up to our eyeballs, icy rain beating on our faces and the look on the goats faces when they refuse to come out of their pens due to the cold.  But there are signs.  The tulips that pop up through the moist dirt.  The longer days to get more done and even though you're tired, you welcome the time outside.  The bees are getting ready to come back to their hives.  The chickens have come back to their full egg laying schedule, and while we all enjoy the much needed rest that Winter gives us, Spring gives us new hope, new ideas and new inspiration for the warm days ahead.  

Scratch Farms has an entire new look and feel and we hope you enjoy it as much as we are.  The world is a crazy place and we all have a desire to stay simple.  That is our theme for 2023.  Simple.  Simple ingredients, simple scents that bring us back to a memory and simple, easy to use products for clean affordable skincare. 

We will be adding a lot of new and exciting products, jewelry and home goods to Scratch Farms and we are looking forward to seeing you stop back often.


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